Sacramento Travel Expo

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Saturday – September 22  cooking demonstrations all day and a Q&A  at 2:00 PM

Chef Penny Davidi

American Restaurateur

Penny Davidi has been conquering the states with her Middle Eastern recipes on hit foodie television shows like Food Network Star and Chopped All-Stars, where she landed a spot as a regular in several other Food Network Shows. Penny also became a series regular on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules highlighting her skills in the kitchen as a Chef to the stars and Nutrition Consultant. This role later landed Chef Penny the Executive Chef and Menu Curator role for Lisa Vanderpump at her newest venue Pump Lounge which opened in West Hollywood in May 2014.

September 22 & 23 – 1:00PM – 45 minutes

William Chalmers

Author and Event Director

William is a traveler evangelist and serves as the Event Director of The Global Scavenger Hunt. He is a professional traveler who has circumnavigated the globe sixteen times, stepping foot in well-over 125 countries. National Geographic Traveler christened him the “Worlds Greatest Traveler” and he is the author of three books: A Blind Date With The World, On the Origin of the Species homo touristicus, and America’s Vacation Deficit Disorder: Who Stole Your Vacation?
  • Speech Title: The Golden Age of Travel?
  • Despite what we hear to the contrary, we are living in the Golden Age of Travel: It has never been easier, cheaper or safer to travel anywhere in the world. We live in the experience economy, Bucket Lists need to be checked; and today travel can offer curious travelers authentic, participatory and challenging personal experiences. Chalmers explains this, and a whole lot more, about taking your Dream Global Adventure.

September 22 – 11:30AM & 3:30PM – 20 minutes September 23 – 11:30AM & 3:00 PM – 20 minutes

Lori Osmond

Damsel In Defense Independent Pro

The Damsel House Project began with a vision to adopt a safe house in every country possible, as the company grows. Damsel In Defense has adopted homes in both Cambodia and India, where girls are rescued and housed given a plan full of hope.
  • Situational Awareness
  • Risk Reductions
  • OODA Loop Training
  • Self Protection Layering

September 22 – 12:00PM & 4:00PM – 30 minutes September 23 – 12:00PM & 3:30PM – 30 minutes

John Mitchler & Kathy Dalsaso

Zara Tours Adventures

John and Kathy are hikers and travelers from Golden, Colorado, and they connect travelers and travel agents directly with Local Tour Operators around the world. Zara Tours Adventures is a subsidiary of Zara Tours, an East Africa adventure tour company established in 1986, which provides safe and quality tour services. Their mid-tier (not luxury, not cut rate) services include trekking Kilimanjaro and guiding Safaris through the National Parks of Tanzania. John and Kathy will explain their successful model of allowing Americans to book direct with full-service, family-owned, local tour operators, and will share tips, stories, and information about Africa, Peru, and Iceland. Ask questions!

September 22  – 3:00PM  – 30 minutes September 23  – 2:00PM  – 30 minutes

Rob Hill

Downunderguru – Owner and President

Downunderguru’s founder, Rob Hill, has traveled to over 50 countries on 6 continents but developed a passion for Australia and New Zealand after his first trip there almost 20 years ago. A former practicing attorney, senior executive, and successful entrepreneur, Rob translated his fascination and appreciation for this part of the world into Downunderguru, helping others experience what he considers to be so affirming about travel Down Under. A certified specialist by both Tourism Australia and Tourism New Zealand and a two-time winner of Tourism Australia’s Opal Award for industry excellence, Rob returns to the region regularly to expand his knowledge of the varying experiences, accommodation, and people that make travel to this part of the world so special.
  • Topic: “What’s On Down Under Travel Worthy Events in Australia and New Zealand in 2019”
  • No one throws a party like the Aussies and Kiwis, and there’s no better time to visit Australia and New Zealand than during one of their many major events. Whatever your interests – food and wine, sports, the arts, indigenous culture and more – there’s likely a festival or event that will make your dream trip Down Under even more amazing. Come to learn about “what’s on” in Australia and New Zealand in 2019, followed by general information and a Q & A about travel Down Under with Rob Hill of Downunderguru.